Brush Trucks

In addition to our repair services, Moose Fire Pump Service builds custom brush trucks. We specialize in custom built aluminum flat bed brush trucks which offer superior ground clearance. No job is to small and no two trucks are alike. We pride ourselves in working with the customer. Moose Fire Pump Service can build a brush truck out of any truck of your liking, even used chassis. We also do slide in units. Call us at 706-373-6145 to find out how we can beat the price of any major builder!

Common items on our trucks:

  • Poly tank with lifetime warranty.
  • We use Waterous pumps.  Call use and ask why!
  • We can put any type of discharge you like anywhere on the truck!
  • Flat beds are custom built to your truck and are all extruded aluminum for the lightest weight, and the highest strength possible. You will not find any diamond plate on these flatbeds! Not like other companies with a steel subframe with a diamond plate top. These flatbeds are miter cut, assembled in a jig and completely tig welded.
  • We build our enclosed plumbing just like a normal fire truck with all the same controls and valves. This makes it very familiar to firemen. The complete valve and control house on the rear of the truck is enclosed, no exposed valves, accuators or electronics. The valve house is built on a steel subframe and covered in aluminum treadplate on the top and sides. The pump panel is constructed of vinyl covered aluminum, and all controls are located on the panel. The pump can be started and shut down from this location as well as all other functions associated with the pumping systems. This valve house is extremely strong, and will support 400 pounds. The top is easily removable when servicing valves, calibrating the foam system or any service item that needs to be addressed.

We can make a product to suit any departments budget and needs.

Be assured the man you talk to on the phone about your brush truck is the man that is going to be building that brush truck!

We use Waterous pumps. Call us and ask why. 706-373-6145

Custom Brush Truck

Custom Brush Truck